Universidad Siglo 21 has been working in recent years on innovation strategies for educational technology and teaching resources, and this time it presents an educational platform that fits the education model of the most developed countries around the world and allows to access different areas of knowledge through a 100% virtual environment.

This space for online training is called CLOUD 21, an offer to all Spanish speaking countries. Its education proposals include training courses in Law, Management, Finance, Human Resources and Public Relations, Physical and Natural Sciences, Marketing, Social Sciences and Education.

CLOUD 21 is an accessible advanced educational tool for e-learning that provides key tools and content to supplement training in different areas, and achieve the best professional results. Each program consists of content developed by professionals and academic experts in every subject, and it is presented in multimedia and audiovisual formats. Additionally, during the course, you will have a Virtual Professor to guide you through the learning process.

Thanks to the Multimedia Learning System model (SAM -EPIC) students who choose to learn through this tool will have tutors who support their learning, along with the convenience of accessing content 24 hours a day from any site.

CLOUD 21 features more than 150 continuing education courses that start throughout the year. The page allows viewing which courses are available at a given time, as well as the most popular courses and the latest news.

CLOUD 21 enables students to schedule their training, identifying professional needs they should strengthen, and it is aimed at individuals, businesses and organizations that may leverage the possibility of designing customized training courses for their staff.